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1. Gothic (from architectureWestern) -- Encyclopędia Britannica
the 19th-century revival styles of architecturethe Gothic revival movement drew its inspiration from History of Gothic Architecture. Leo Masuda Architectonic Research Office
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2. Gothic - Wikipediathe free encyclopedia
From Wikipediathe free encyclopedia. Gothic revival sought to revive High Medieval Gothic architecture. Gothic (moth) (Naenia typica) is of noctuid mothnamed after its patterns reminiscent of Gothic architecture.
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3. Gothic Architecture
Websites offering imagestermsand background on the most recognizable medieval architectural style. Gothic Architecture. A dozen thumbnails of Early Gothic architecture are followed by a page of photos of
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4. Gothic architecture: Information From
Gothic architecture This article is about Gothic architecture. See also Gothic art . Gothic architecture characterizes any of the styles of European The term "Gothic" Gothic architecture has nothing to do with the historical Goths before the revival of antiquitythus 'Gothic' architecture. "There can be no doubt that the term
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5. Gothic art and architecture
These pages are attributed to the art formdominated by architecture in its struggle against gravitythat flourished in Europe from the 12th until the 16th century. Gothic art and architecture. In the 12th century a new art form evolved from the Romanesque art Renaissance this form was called 'Gothic' by Italian writers who attributed it
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6. Gothic Revival architecture
All photos copyright by Thomas W. Paradis (unless otherwise noted). All rights reserved. ARCHITECTURAL STYLES of AMERICA. Gothic Revival (1840-1880) (Churches through 1940s) Published by iUniverse2003. Architecture Home Page Excellent example of "Carpenter Gothic" with vertical board-and-batten sidingsteeply-pitched gable roofpointed-arch
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7. Gothic: Editor Selected ResultsAbout Gothic
ResultsAbout editors recommend Gothic resources and Gothic links. Gothic Fact: The Gothic subculture began in the 1970s as a younger generation began to information resources on the Gothic architecture period. Gothic Architecture - Photos and
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8. Hart 205: Gothic & Romanesque Architecture
The purpose of this tutorial on Romanesque and Gothic Architecture is: and formal characteristics of Romanesque and Gothic architecture as represented by the buildings of Saint
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9. NetSERF: Architecture: Cathedrals and Churches: Gothic
Search NetSERF. NetSERF Features. Revised Date Popularity NetSERF Select Alphabetical Top to Bottom Bottom to Top Digital Archive of Architecture: Gothic Churches. URL: up on the history of Gothic Architectureincluding links to other related
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10. Open Directory - Arts: Architecture: History: Periods and Styles: Gothic
The Birth of Gothic Architecture - Syracuse University provides a visual thematic tourist route. Gothic Architecture - The introduction to Robert Branner's book 'Gothic Architecture
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