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1. Colby College | Academics | Courses
German Program. Program Requirements GM 232* Survey of German Culture. Reidel
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2. Department of German
Department of German. At Grinnellall studies take place within a liberal arts frameworkfocusing on the study of German literature and culture through the contexts of the artshistorysocial historyphilosophyand politics. to the study of German culture. Grinnell German majors later pursue diverse
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3. German (OU CALL)
German Language & Culture. Index. Resource Directories. News. German Newspapers Online. well annotated (in English) list of e-newspapers for GermanyAustriaand Switzerland. Ticker. Yahoo-Germany's news service. Deutsche Welle
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4. GERMAN - Home.
Willkommen! German Language and Literature is part of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures in the Faculty of Arts. are dedicated to teaching and researching German culture in all its diverse aspectswith a readingwritingand appreciating German language and culture. Given that many of
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5. German Corner: German American Magazine and Business Guide
German-American Websitedealing with the German culture in the USA and Canada. Included is a German magazine and a resource guide for German goods in north america. Copyright © 1996-2004 German Corner. All Rights Reserved written permission of German Corner is prohibited. German American CornerGerman Corner and
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6. German Culture Help and Information
The main focus of this website is on people who have left Germany and are now living overseas - whether it has been one year or 50 years - and who would still like to be connected to the German Culture for their children's sake. Subscribe to "German Gems" the monthly online newsletter of the German Culture Department! more interested in any aspect of german culture. This includes culinaryliterary
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7. German Fest
HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN!! 2005 marks the 25th Anniversary of German Fest! Make plans to join us for the largest German celebration in North America German Fest 2005! Celebration" will experience the finest in German CultureFoodMusic and Shopping during this largest three-day festival celebrating German Culture and Heritage in the United
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8. GERMAN WAYS: Links to Our Past and Present
A source of useful information on GermanyAustriaSwitzerland and other german speaking lands. This siteGerman Ways is intended as one of your links to the World of the GermansGerman toand non-fiction books. Including German historycultureand people.
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9. German Web Resources - Web Links
German Language Resource Center. Web Links. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung: Germanists relating the history and presence of social democracy. Deutscher Bundestag: everything there is to know about the German Parliament. Terminal): a searchable database of culture and cultural advancement work in German speaking countries the research and study of German politicseconomicscultureand society.
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10. | The Internet Meeting Point and Portal for the German speaking world
German-World is a bi-lingual magazine for AustrianGerman and Swiss cultures in the United States. The Good German" a post WWII story +++ Sophie Scholl" German Oscar submission Baby An new German Cultural Center for North America. initiated by the United German American Committee
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11. Germans - Wikipediathe free encyclopedia
The Germans (German: die Deutschen)or the German peopleare a nation in the meaning an ethnos sharing a common German culture and having a German mother tonguethan
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12. Index
Welcome. The Department of Germanestablished in 1890is one of the oldestlargestand most intellectual depth in German literaturethoughtand culture from the Middle Ages
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13. Jews in today's German culture
Jews in today's German culture. Since the mid-1980sSander Gilmanthe Henry R his latest workJews in Today's German Culture (1995). The book surveys the recent explosion
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14. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: German Subject Catalogue
German Resources. Auch in Deutsch verfügbar. Philology and cultural studies. Sports. Laweconomicsand social sciences. Mathematicsnatural sciences. Medicine. Agricultureforestryand nutrition. Engineering. Art. General The subjects listed above cover German resources only. If you need to propose entries for the German Resourcessend mail to vl
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15. Welcome to DVBM and German culture in Maryland!
Deutschamerikanischer Buergerverein von Marylandorganizations celebrating german heritage in marylandwith links to other german groups Welcome to the. German-American Organizations in Maryland. German Festival German Radio Klub. German Society of Maryland
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16. Welcome to German Life
Copyright 1995-2005 German Life. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written permission of the publisher.
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17. Welcome to the PA German Society~ A NonprofitEducational Organization
The Pennsylvania German Society helps to preserveadvanceand disseminate the Pennsylvania Dutch culture. culture of the Pennsylvania Germansoften known as "the Pennsylvania Dutch " no investment can pay better dividends than membership in The Pennsylvania German
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